Guam Photos

Hawaii's "sister" Island has it's own beauty.


Ritidian10.jpg (62888 bytes)

Ritidian Beach, Guam



2Lovers04.jpg (83100 bytes)

Two Lovers Leap Mountainside



2LoversBeach4GOOD.jpg (82743 bytes)

Beach Viewed From Two Lovers Leap



2LoversLeapStatue.jpg (53822 bytes)

Two Lovers Leap Statue



2LoversTumonBayBoat2.jpg (55132 bytes)

Tumon Bay with Speed Boat




Orote Pt1.jpg (84865 bytes)

Orote Point




LatteStoneParkGood01.jpg (123181 bytes)

Latte Stone Park, Agana Guam



ShellGinger.jpg (59143 bytes)

Shell Ginger, Latte Stone Park, Agana Guam



GuamAirportLatteStones.jpg (73605 bytes)

Mosaic Latte Stone, Guam Airport



GuamAirportOutsideNight.jpg (52289 bytes)

Guam Airport at Night




TopMARSunset4.jpg (52753 bytes)

Guam Sunset from The Top of the MAR





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