Holani Original Embroidery Designs

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Swan Theme Gift Towel Basket

This page contains original machine embroidery and cross stitch designs by Holani. All were made with Bernina's Artista Designer Software and Uli Tessel's Cross Stitch program and sewn with the Bernina Artista 170 Sewing Machine and Embroidery Module.



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Close Up of Basket.  The Swans were custom designed to match the soap dispenser. There are two versions of the swans, a smaller one for the wash cloth or smaller items and the larger one for the hand/bath towels or other larger items.



BerndStyle.jpg (36326 bytes)ChefDApron.jpg (77411 bytes)BChefApron.jpg (32423 bytes)
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Bib Style Aprons are embroidered for a Stylist and Gourmet Chefs


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Color Variation On Hawaiian Hibiscus Cross Stitch Design



Hawaiian Bird of Paradise Cross Stitch


Hawaiian Red Ginger (Awapuni) Cross Stitch


Hawaiian Vanda Orchid Cross Stitch


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Chinese Characters

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